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X-Mas deal


Our Intimate Portrait Sessions are no-nonsense confidence boosts.
The Summer are far behind us and the cold and dark Winter months are on it's way, and so are the holidays.
For those already struggling to find the perfect x-mas present, we offer personalized gift vouchers as well!

Every woman should feel beautiful and every woman should be proud of who she is. Instead of yet another sauna voucher, why not gift that beautiful woman in your life a gift that reminds her how beautiful she really is. Whether it's your significant other, your sister, doughter or best friend, everyone deserves a little self love!

You want to celebrate your love for each other? Couple shoots, best friend shoots,... It's all possible.


Our standard gift voucher includes a 3 hour photo session, afterwards the recipient will receive 5 photographs of her choice, printed on high quality paper and delivered in a beautiful box. No worries, you will also receive your favorite photographs as high quality digital files on a usb stick, ready to post on Instagram.

If you're looking to get original with your x-mas gift this year than don't hesitate to hit the "I want to book!" button!
We will contact you as soon as possible.

For orders made before December 9th, a physical voucher will be shipped before x-mas.
For orders made after Dember 8th, a physical voucher can be shipped in Januari and will not arrive on time for x-mas, please keep that in mind (digital vouchers can be ordered throughout December and will be send by e-mail).


€ 295


Pre-session consultation

3 hour photo session

​5 prints of your choice (15x20cm), delivered in a beautiful box
USB drive with the high quality digital files that you chose

You would like more photographs than the 5 favorites that are already included in the price? No worries, additional photographs can be purchased separately. If you have additional preferences regarding the shoot, please get in touch so we can put together a gift voucher that suits your needs.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information and possibilities.

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