My name is Kristiaan. I am a hobby photographer based in Belgium, although I prefer to see myself as a citizen of the world. I have been interested in photography as long as I can remember. Always trying to capture what this beautiful planet has to offer. Especially when traveling. Years ago when going through pictures after a holiday I noticed how much we forget in a very short time which made photography even more important for me. Since then I like to collect moments, preferably printed into fysical albums so that I can take them of the bookshelve every now and then to relive them. When looking back at all these memories it makes me appreciate the life I am living even more.

There is something special in capturing a moment and I hope to capture many more.

You will find some examples of moments on this website. Moments I collected during my travels as well as photographs from people.

I’m always looking for new oportunities. If you appreciate my work or like to stand in front of the lens, don’t hesitate to contact me through the form below or via Instagram.

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